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CEET Fouad
Fouad, also known as CEET, is a self-taught graffiti artist who took to the walls at a young age. He has cultivated a playful and imaginative style that reflects his own personality. Today, the artist enjoys exploring the cultural meanings associated with his favorite animal, the chicken.






El Grafitos

El Grandos de la muerte

The Biggest


Una historia


Los Flicos

Los Cabrones

Los Girouetos

Los Surveillos

Be true

Marylin x LOSt Chix


I believe, I can touch, The sky




Born in 1971, Fouad, also known as Ceet, is a Moroccan graffiti artist. A self-taught artist, he started working on walls from a young age alongside the Toulouse TruSkool, and he developed an imaginative and playful style characterized by his bubble letters. Ceet now enjoys playing with the cultural significance attached to his favorite animal, the chicken.


As a graffiti artist, painter, sculptor, and designer, Ceet has collaborated with major brands such as Adidas, Le Coq Sportif, Prada, Lancel, among others. He made the decision to settle in China, where he finds a significant portion of his inspiration today. Ceet is a representative and active artist in the Jardin Rouge project, and he also orchestrates the Jardin Orange artist residency in Shenzhen, China, supported by the Montresso Foundation.



The revolution (the art evolution) of the chicken people… a fight for dignity.

As often is the case, an idea originates from an anecdote. Ceet’s chicken are no exception. This artist, originally from Toulouse, exhibits his graffiti worldwide. He has been living in Hong Kong for the past decade. Upon his arrival in China, not speaking Mandarin and not always finding English-speaking interlocutors, he resorted to drawing to communicate. For instance, in restaurants, and that’s how his first little chicken was born! This greatly amused his friends, and one of them, a toy designer, proposed creating a figurine.


Gradually, the bird became a recurring motif, eventually establishing itself as a major figure in his creative universe, appearing in the form of graffiti, sculptures, and inflatable structures. The chicken, mass-produced and consumed all over the world, has taken on symbolic significance. Due to its commonplace and universal nature, the animal, often seen as mere food, raised in deplorable conditions, symbolic of fast food due to being pumped with hormones and antibiotics, is rehabilitated in its condition as a living creature deserving of respect. Ceet gives each of his “chickens” a personality, even doing so with tenderness. Like Walt Disney’s mouse, Ceet’s “chicano” playfully engages the audience.

From there, one might see it as a metaphor for humanity, with just a feather’s difference.

Médias et vidéos

Medias and videos

Medios y videos

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