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Valérie Hadida
Valérie Hadida's "llittle good women", as she likes to call them, invite us to enter her universe, which is both feminine and timeless, for a journey through the human soul.






Mère et fille


La Grande Inspiration

Coup de cœur

La mémoire et la mer

Sous les étoiles


I Miss You

Hadida - Artbook




Born in 1965 in Île-de-France, (France), Valérie HADIDA, a sculptor and painter, lives and works in the Parisian region.


She graduated from the School of Plastic Arts and Advertising of the city of Paris (EMSAT). Valérie HADIDA worked in the studio of Marielle POLSKA for 6 years.


Valérie Hadida’s “little good women,” as she likes to call the characters she creates, offer a poetic encounter that invites us to delve into her universe, both feminine and timeless, for a journey through the human soul. Sculpted and sketched, these female representations take us through the journey of women, from adolescence to maturity, and across the various emotions and states of mind that animate these generations of women. Under the sculptor’s fingers, groups of intertwined, complicit women emerge, wavering between multitude and fullness…

Her women are inspiring, reflecting the inspiration of female figures in pictorial art from different eras since the Renaissance, combined with a very contemporary vision of women with calm and refreshing poses.


For more than thirty years now, I have been passionate about working with clay. My journey into sculpture was quite diverse at the beginning, but what truly represents me, is femininity.

In this chaotic world, I aspire and ardently desire to convey a more peaceful and reassuring vision of the world. My feminine universe is unchanging and timeless; it protects me. The ‘little good women’ embody life, firmly rooted in the earth with their heads in the clouds, adorned with unruly curls. Abundant hair is an extremely feminine attribute, which has unfortunately been a subject of controversy due to political and religious factors. It is a symbol I use to emphasize their silhouette, playing with very strong outlines. They are women, mothers, daughters, friends, sisters, companions, soulmates, protectors, fragile, dreamers… They hide nothing, but they don’t expose themselves either. For me, they embody freedom.

Médias et vidéos

Medias and videos

Medios y videos

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