Françoise Nielly & Rodo Padilla

- 23/12/2023

Exhibition of the works of Françoise Nielly and Rodo Padilla, from November 17 to December 23, 2023,

at In Arte Veritas Angers !


Enter the contemporary worlds of our new artists Françoise Nielly and Rodo Padilla,

who are presenting for the first time at In Arte Veritas an exhibition of their works in a captivating artistic journey!


Mixing fascinating portraits and ceramic sculptures, fragments of life or childhood memories,

the paintings and sculptures draw inspiration from the imagination or encounters experienced by the artists.


The vibrant and bold canvases of Françoise Nielly showcase a daring use of the palette knife and oil paint,

revealing deconstructed faces with multiple facets.

As a pioneer of a new style in the realm of portraiture,

her works serve as a source of inspiration for many contemporary artists.


On the other hand, Rodo Padilla, an artist from Mexico, creates ceramic sculptures in stoneware,

employing traditional Mexican craftsmanship techniques.

Similar to contemporary genre scenes, his distinctive little characters called “Los Gorditos” whimsically and joyfully

narrate the emotions and character that each of us can find in our childhood memories.

A humanistic and vibrant exhibition that promotes art in all its colors!

Oeuvres exposées

Exhibited works

Obras expuestas

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