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The world of ALBEN takes you on a colorful space-time journey! A specialist in inclusion resin, this sculptor, passionate about collecting, combines the ancient and the contemporary in surprising Pop works that shed light on numerous current issues.




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Goldorak Waterguns Monumental

Darth Vader Vinyls

Doraemon Ceramics

Casimir Cars

Goldorak Cars

The Thinker, from Rodin

Christ Bullets (small)

Goldorak Cars

Jesus Bigoudi

Mao Cutters

R2D2 Cars

Goldorak Cars

Astro Watergun

Chinese Worker

Christ cartridges

Mao robots

Venus Barbie

Cold War

Christ Dollars


Christ bullets

Bain turc

La Cène

Mars Attacks

L'Origine du monde

Deux Issues


Sainte Catherine

Indian and Cowboys

3 Milliards

The Gladiators

Time capsule




ALBEN, a self-taught artist, lives and works in Médoc, near Bordeaux (Nouvelle-Aquitaine). Like an entire generation, he was immersed in advertising, television, and film references from a young age, belonging to what is commonly known as pop culture. Intrinsically linked to his artistic approach, these symbols contribute to creating the tapestry of a “contemporary mythology.”

During his adolescence, the artist developed a passion for collecting everyday objects, especially those that were abandoned. This passion still accompanies him today and punctuates his weeks of travel around the world, during which he frequents flea markets and second-hand markets. As a result, he has accumulated in his workshop hundreds of miscellaneous trinkets and curiosities that fuel both his reflections and his artworks.

Before fully dedicating himself to his artistic practice, ALBEN was an expert in engineering, specializing in innovative composite materials for aeronautics and aerospace, such as resin and carbon. His research led him to participate in the manufacturing of satellites and components for the Ariane rocket for nearly fifteen years.

Deeply appreciative of art, he was influenced by the growing impact of Street Art, Graffiti, and Pop Art, as well as the works of renowned figures in the New Realism (Nouveau Réalisme), such as Arman and César. He considers these references particularly inspiring and guiding in his choice of innovative materials, such as resin and expanded foam.

Moreover, this highly creative person dedicated himself assiduously to artistic practice in his free time. Combining various media and supports, he created paintings in the 1990s that incorporated serigraphy techniques, stencils, and stamps. Furthermore, his expertise in handling inclusion resin allowed him to explore a more playful application as well.


So, a few years earlier, ALBEN decided to fully devote himself to his art and left his job. This period of increased experimentation served to perfect a unique sculptural technique that combines two of his great passions: object accumulation and resin.

His process initially involves searching for an existing sculpture to create a mold. In an interview with the Bordeaux Art Contemporain team, he revealed that he had the opportunity to purchase the original sculpture of Mao Zedong during a trip to China. This discovery allowed him to create brilliant satirical representations of the founder and leader of the People’s Republic of China.

Once the mold is created, the next step in the process involves a delicate balance between applying resin and precisely positioning each element to reveal a completely unique design. When the sculpture is fully solidified, it is demolded, and then comes the essential polishing stage to make it perfectly crystalline.

In his exhibition at Bordeaux Art Contemporain, titled “Time capsule,” the artist mentions that the tangible rift between the old and the contemporary is intentionally meant to reference the space-time journey. ALBEN aims to take us on a journey through time and space: an adventure as surprising as it is meditative.

Indeed, the sculptor challenges our certainties: his work relies on both the assembly of components and the shift that it can produce. He doesn’t hesitate to use iconic references, whether they come from the art world (Venus de Milo), the History (Mao Zedong), or our childhood pop culture (Goldorak), skillfully combining them with trivial artifacts. While intentionally borrowing aesthetics and forms targeting renowned figures in the art world, the artist states that he has no pretension to be part of a distinct artistic movement.


Whether paying homage or offering sharp criticism, ALBEN’s work relies on the universal and accessible nature of these images to prompt the viewer into a dialogue, often in the form of internal conflict, between two well-known entities that typically have no connection between them. Furthermore, the use of objects related to the world of childhood (Barbie dolls, toy cars) reinforces this sense of discord by tapping into our nostalgia.

Moreover, it is in the resolution of this conflict that the artwork and its underlying issue are expressed: a unique experience that provokes our conditioned thoughts, encouraging us to reconsider our beliefs and gain a clearer perspective on both our current events and our lived history.

The staging in these clear showcases of orphaned remnants of our society appears meaningful. At times critical, at times factual, it remains an informed testament to our era and its evolution.

ALBEN was notably discovered at the Salon des Artistes Indépendants in Paris in 2006, and since then, his works have garnered ever-increasing interest. Over the past fifteen years, both the works and the artist have been on a journey, appearing in galleries, contemporary art fairs, museum exhibitions, and in both private and public collections. They have crossed the doors of cities like Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, Zurich, as well as the borders of Australia, Italy, Mexico, and Japan.

Médias et vidéos

Medias and videos

Medios y videos

Bordeaux Art Contemporain, Interview exposition "Time capsule"

France 3 : "Rencontre avec Alben, entre Saint-Palais-sur-Mer et Le Verdon-sur-Mer"

France Info Culture : "Alben marie la poupée Barbie et la Vénus de Milo dans ses sculptures en résine"




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