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Coderch & Malavia
The works of sculptors Coderch and Malavia have emerged from a collaborative project, where egos were set aside to allow the birth of something beautiful and sensitive from their two distinct artistic universes and combined talents.




Price list

Dance of the light

Forest Guardian


Kymo (Life Size)

La Revolera

Walking In Beauty (Life Size)

Alis Volat Propiis

Tensegrity Variation

The Gaze of Medusa


Walking in Beauty



Amphitrite's Arm

Tensegrity Dance

Walking In Beauty


My life is my message - Life Size


Moonlight shadow



The swimmer

The little tin man


Learning to fly

The swimmer

En la dehesa (monumental Size)

Clio's dream

My life is my message

The little tin man

Giant of salt

Liber sin toga


En la dehesa

Adam & Eve

En la dehesa



"Emotions in bronze" - Art book




The collaboration Coderch & Malavia was born in 2015, a joint project that emerged from the union of two sensitivities and two names: Joan Coderch and Javier Malavia. Discovering the ability to enhance each other, these Spanish artists and long-time friends have been creating figurative sculptures that place the human being, the beauty of the body, and emotion at the center of their artistic discourse.


Joan Coderch Pares was born in Castellar del Vallès (Barcelona) in 1959 and earned his degree in sculpture from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 1984. Javier Malavia Tabares, on the other hand, was born in Oñati (Guipuzcoa) in 1970 and graduated from the University of Fine Arts of San Carlos de Valencia in 1993.


Upon meeting, they both noticed similarities in their artistic approach and inspirations. They sketched out the project to walk together in the footsteps of figurative masters such as Maillol, Rodin, Marini, and Bourdelle.


The uniqueness of their artistic practice lies in part in the way they collaborate: always in a benevolent exchange, the two artists create “with four hands,” whether in the technical realization or in the conception of the project in advance.

From their project, we perceive a view of the world inscribed in authenticity: the two artists aim to explore the broadest palette of human emotions by transcribing the real and the beautiful, always with the goal of bringing forth the unique sensitivity of each subject in bronze.


Inspired by music, literature, and dance, the works of Coderch & Malavia bring to life protagonists from famous myths and legends. For example, the touching “Tissue of Time,” representing Penelope, the wife of Ulysses in the Odyssey, is an allegory of patience and Time. Perched on tiptoes, she casts a moving gaze towards the horizon, hopeful for the return of her beloved. Closer to the realm of fairy tales, their “Little Tin Man” is inspired by Dorothy Gale’s companion in “The Wizard of Oz.” After being deprived of his heart, he receives a new one, allowing him to feel and love again.

While the choice of subjects reveals the artists’ desire to convey a universally meaningful message to their audience, it is the expressiveness of the figure and the translation of emotion that take precedence.


In 2017, only two years after the start of their collaboration, the artists’ works were noticed and received the prestigious Queen Sofia Painting and Sculpture Award for their sculpture titled “Hamlet.” Then their remarkable “Tissue of Time” secured them the second place at the thirteenth edition of the international ARC salon in New York (Art Renewal Center) in 2018, among 6000 sculptures submitted. In 2019, their sculpture “Swan Dance” won the first world prize at the same salon. In 2020, this prestigious salon also awarded the sculptor duo, giving them the 2nd prize for their work “Liber.”


In parallel, they have been honored with the Mariano Benlliure Sculpture Award, the TIAC Art Award, the Arcadia Contemporary Award, and more.

Regularly showcased by both public and private institutions, they have individual and group exhibitions in many countries worldwide, including the United States, Mexico, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Sweden.


The artist duo, based in Valencia, sculpts day by day in a large 800 m2 workshop, having surrounded themselves over time with a team that matches their standards and excellence: a patina artist, someone in charge of deburring the bronzes, and another handling the logistics of the pieces around the world. This ensures they rigorously and perfectly accompany the growing development of their global reputation.

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