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Julien Gorgeart
Drawing from his own experiences, the stories of his loved ones, or strangers, Julien Gorgeart captures anonymous stories and fleeting moments in his canvases. These pictorial images invite us to explore the fascinating intersection between realism and illusion, between painting and photography.




Le Roi du Silence



The Limits of Control







Graduated from the “École Supérieure d’Art de Quimper” (Superior Art School) Julien Gorgeart build and imagine his works like as we sometimes miss our photos. He focuses on an incongruous detail, points his flash at a character, and de-centers his subjects.

Equipped with his brush, oil, Indian ink, or watercolor, Gorgeart translates the real world and bears witness to the contemporary world in which the artist and the viewer coexist, with the aim of opening narrative and cinematic perspectives.

With photographic-like fidelity and hyper-realism, his works represent the everyday banality, late-night outings with friends, or urban landscapes, and intimate still lifes.

His paintings are constructed like candid photographs. Nevertheless, they result from meticulously thought-out mise-en-scènes in which every detail is carefully orchestrated. From the sets to the colors, the lighting, the postures, the expressions of the characters, and the textures, this analysis of the image recalls the activities of the cinephile artist Julien Gorgeart in the world of cinema. By combining a variety of perspectives, ranging from close-ups to wide shots, the artist thus creates an undeniable cinematic dimension and sensitivity in his unique works, transcending artistic genres.

However, the reality portrayed in his canvases is, in fact, an illusion, a simulation. Through meticulous framing, timing, editing, and blurring, the artist revisits the relationship between painting and photography, incorporating techniques and concepts that have shaped the connections between these two mediums into his canvases and inks. In his paintings, one can find the imperfections, shortcuts in body proportions, and cropped characters that can be found in each of our everyday life photographs.

Drawing inspiration from his own experiences, the stories of his loved ones, or from strangers, Gorgeart explores beyond aesthetics a strong narrative notion that articulates the composition of each canvas and freezes anonymous stories in the moment. Julien Gorgeart’s art lies in his ability to capture fleeting moments with hyper-realistic photographic precision while transcending the boundaries of reality. These pictorial images invite us to explore and search for the fascinating intersection between realism and illusion, between painting and photography.

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