Qiongfei Zhang – Lidia Kostanek

- 04/03/2023

The works of Lidia Kostanek and Qiongfei Zhang, two committed and free women, are honored at In Arte Veritas Toulouse.


Lidia KOSTANEK, a Polish artist, delivers sensitive and impactful works that highlight many contemporary issues related to the female condition within our patriarchal societies.

Qiongfei ZHANG, a Chinese artist, shares her opinions and concerns about the current state of the world and the emancipation of humanity from the dictates of enslaving societies with poetry oscillating between shadow and light.


Through skillful and moving denunciations, the various paintings and sculptures of the two artists address multiple subjects and taboos. From societal slavery to women’s right to control their bodies, they restore visibility to the female body or metaphorically embody dictatorial power.

An exhibition that shakes us, questions us, and enlightens us.


See you from February 2 to March 25, 2023, at 10 rue de la Trinité, in Toulouse!


Oeuvres exposées

Exhibited works

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Aucune oeuvre trouvée

Aucune oeuvre trouvée

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Lire l'article

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